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29 short stories. Three unique worlds.


One navigates battlefields of countryside and cobblestone.


Another ensnares lost souls and sweethearts.


And the last is tormented by deities better left forgotten.


Welcome to These Gilded Bones May Bloom, a collection of enemies and lovers, sprawling cities and hungry seas, stretching from the hidden magic of our own world to the far reaches of your wildest dreams and nightmares. Journey through the Ash Woods, a dangerous forest guarding the body of a long-dead soldier. Follow a thief as he steals into an extravagant garden party. Study the siren of Berkshire University, and the student hell-bent on setting her free. 


Brought to life through sweeping prose and lush illustrations, lose yourself in tales where morally gray is king, fate doesn't play fair, and "The End" isn't always what it seems.

These Gilded Bones May Bloom

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